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Coffrages Phoenix

Concrete balcony, side walk, slab and formwork specialist in Montreal, Laval, Terrebonne and the North Shore of Montreal

Coffrages Phoenix specializes in concrete formwork, concrete balconies, concrete sidewalks and concrete slabs. With our team of experts, we define the best quality service to meet the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations. We offer formwork services, concrete steps, concrete balconies and much more.

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Our values


We are committed to acting with integrity in all our activities by adhering to ethical standards and applicable laws.


We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and services.


We build trust with our customers by being transparent in our communications and activities and by honoring our commitments.


We constantly strive to innovate by adopting cutting-edge techniques and technologies to improve the quality of our products and services.



Our mission is to offer an exceptional service and quality work for families in Montreal, Laval and the north shore of Montreal.


Notre histoire a commencé avec l'envie de reprendre le flambeau d'une entreprise existante et de la propulser vers de nouveaux sommets. Après avoir acheté ses actifs, nous nous sommes fixés pour objectif de faire fructifier cette entreprise, en opérant de manière efficiente et en la développant. Notre ambition pour notre première année de démarrage est de stabiliser les opérations, d'établir des partenariats solides et de mettre en place les fondations pour une croissance à long terme. Nous sommes impatients de voir les fruits de nos efforts et de contribuer au dynamisme économique de la région.



I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a young Iraqi immigrant with a degree in software engineering.Technology has always been a big passion of mine and I have always been fascinated by how it can be used to solve complex problems and make our lives easier.

I've always been entrepreneurial as well; I enjoy coming up with novel concepts and figuring out how to make them a reality. Additionally, I have a strong interest in the field of building, especially in regards to cutting-edge technologies and environmentally friendly procedures. I am eager to add to this endeavour by fusing my expertise in software engineering with my love of entrepreneurship and building because I strongly believe that the construction sector can play a significant part in determining a better future for our world. I am eager to investigate different avenues for having a beneficial influence on the sector, whether it be by creating software solutions to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of building processes or by starting my own construction company.